March 12, 2012
By justakidinhighschool BRONZE, League City, Texas
justakidinhighschool BRONZE, League City, Texas
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"Those who were not told of him, will not see. And those who do not know him will understand"-Romans 15:21

Have you ever been cyber bullied? I have. And it's one of the most excruciating, painful, terrifying things that teenagers have to face today.
There was a time when the world didn't revolve around the most "popular" kid in school's twitter posts, or Facebook status', or MySpace page(if people still use that).

Life was about being happy and overcoming the little obstacles that life threw at us.

I'm a high school student and I'd like to make a statement. I'd like to make a change and bring up that bullying is an issue not to be ignored.
Whether it's rumors, name-calling, or threats, bullying hurts. And it's sad because those doing the bullying, don't realize the impact they have on that person's life.

When I was bullied, and I still am, I felt more alone than anyone should have to. The pain and heartache from the horrible things kids say now-a-days is just sickening.

And I know that whole "Rachel's Challenge" had an impact for a few days, but I'm here to say that those few days, made a huge difference in a lot of kid's life's.

I have high hopes that one day kids will open their eyes and recognize the damaged they've caused. I have high hopes that maybe someday people will change for the better.

And I have high hopes that maybe someday this statement, this point, these words, I'm trying to get across will be recognized. And that point is that words hurt.

And you may not think it's that big of a deal, but it's so much more to the person you're tormenting. A simple compliment or befriending can have such a huge effect on someone.

So here's MY challenge. Stop the gossip. Stop the rumors. Stop the hateful internet posts and responses, and hold out a hand to those around you.

Shake someone's hand, high-five them, compliment them on their outfit, and just keep in mind that not only will that make someones day, but it could save their life.

The author's comments:
I have been Cyber bullied plenty times and I just recently watched a movie that touched my heart and inspired me to write this. "CyberBully" starring Emily Osment. And in the movie a girl makes a "clickster" account,which is basically a flirtatious version of Facebook. And it shows what she goes through and how she finally hits rock bottom and builds her way back up. I was that girl. And know I'm making a statement.

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