Technologies Impact on Today's Teens

March 1, 2012
Technology is shaping the society of tomorrow through the teenagers of today. There is something wrong in today’s society since most teenagers today are incapable of holding a quality conversation face to face. The main factor getting in the way of this necessary social skill is the sheer lack of meaningful interaction thanks to modern technology. People have the urge to be connected with everyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Technology is a hindrance, helper, and all around hot topic.

Technology can be a hindrance to society. I am certainly not perfect, and I get caught up in it, too. When I feel the urge to see someone, I just video chat them on Skype. It is easier to see them that way than making plans to see them in person. That fact gets at the overall impatience of the world today. People try to use technology to take shortcuts and make things as easy as possible. If there is a question on homework nobody picks up a phone to call a friend for help. I know I don’t. People automatically grab their phones and text the question hoping they can fully understand the response they get, unlike talking on the phone where someone can talk you through it. If someone wants to reconnect with someone they haven’t seen in a while, they just look them up on Facebook. Everything that teenagers do can be done electronically and there is no need to human interaction anymore. Technology is hurting society without anyone knowing. Spelling and grammar are being belittled one text at a time. When people text, they shorten most words, making it almost impossible to understand at times and complete sentences are the exception to come upon. Teen social skills are so lacking not many people can have quality face-to-face conversations and keep them going. People try and find the easy way out of lengthy conversations, awkward silences, and uncomfortable subjects. Instead, teens use texting. Technology is slowly hurting the skills of teens and young adults without them knowing.

Even though technology can be a hindrance, it can be a very helpful tool. There are thousands of credible sources and databases on the Internet helping people learn new things. Without the Internet, I wouldn’t be able to find facts about computers, cars, cameras, or anything quickly and easily. There are sites such as YouTube where you can watch anything from a funny video to a video on how to solve hard physics problems from a teacher at Harvard. If we did not have technology like the Internet or computers that would be completely impossible. The Internet can be a great way to express yourself as an individual and connect with others who share a passion. If you are a photographer, you can put your photos on a webpage and share them with people. If you have a story, anything special or just for fun you can put it on the Internet and express yourself however you want.

Technology is such a hot topic with teenagers. Who has the newest phone? What is the coolest laptop? When does the newest version of the iPod come out? Questions about the advances in technology are asked everyday by so many people. Teens are so influenced by the technology they have in comparison to others. About a year ago when the IPhone 4 came out, not many people had it, but now the technology is everywhere. The expectation is that teens are the ones with the newest technology. They know how to use it, and they teach people, such as parent and grandparents, how to use it.

Technology is a hindrance, helper, and all around hot topic. It is changing the way teens communicate with each other and the rest of the world. Teens of today are learning how to use the technology of tomorrow. How do you feel about technology? Hindrance? Helper? Hot Topic? or All three?

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JM2002 said...
Nov. 22, 2015 at 10:59 pm
Wonderful, loved it. Very mature writing.
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