An Ode To Writers With Asperger's

February 26, 2012
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Writing is an expression whether it be anyway of communication or just thought organizing. Writing helps us shape our minds into what kind of people we are today. Writing is like Asperger’s. It’s on one side of the spectrum of knowledge and the other side of the spectrum is factual based writing such as Essays and Narratives. Creative Writing leans more towards the artsy kind of lifestyle or the Dionysus Effect regarding music, art, theater and the Culinary Arts. While on the opposite is fact based writing or the Apollo Effect regarding the linear style of knowledge such as mathematics, sciences, and statistics. Personally, I do not write in the format of the latter but more towards the first example as in the arts and music. This brings us into subdivisions of writing which include Poetry and Essays. Poetry is gradient towards the Dionysus Effect because of its nature of flow and artistic writing. Whereas, the Apollo Effect is more towards the straightforward black and white, concrete learning basis. The opposite goes with the Dionysus Effect regarding it being an abstract, colorful learning basis. I might be wrong, but the majority of children with Asperger’s are leaning towards the Apollo crowd with their black and white lenient style of behavior as it reflects their mind power and the way they think. They do perseverate with great detail and they’re minds are very rigid in their thinking that the puzzle pieces of Concrete writing fits in with their brain wirings. Though I have Asperger’s, I am very rigid in my thinking by even the mere fact that I cannot let things bypass me without a fight, I prefer the abstract ways of literature for two very important reasons. Number one, any old fool can go in a book and search the answers that an instructor gives you and number two, I prefer the abstractedly odd writing because I have Asperger’s and that I am so rigid that I have completely shut myself off to the concrete writing for the previous fact listed above. That any old fool can look up facts in a book. With this said, most kids with Asperger’s have a sort of obsession over things of trivial or great importance. For instance, I once met a boy who had an obsession of trains and sewage canals underground. Another had the obsession of movies and re-stating quotes of famous actors and/or actresses. I have obsessions over music and writing, which lead us to my way and particular writing style that I have developed over the years. Most of my writing usually have recurring topics and themes of death, nature, sorrow, love and personal experiences. These “personal experiences” include my childhood and my years as a tot in middle school. With my traits of Asperger’s, I usually have an obsession over things that last only a few days. One example is when I was a chap in the sixth grade. There was the assignment that had longed been my favorite and that was Free-Write. I happened to be reading Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Pit And The Pendulum” whilst writing in order to get motivation and a bit of inspiration for my next piece. It turns out that the writing happened to be a bit on the gory side and the teacher sent home a letter and a photocopy of the writing to my parents. Luckily, they were grieved more on the side that my handwriting was atrocious and not because of my talent in horror writing. The point is that when you write, even with Asperger’s, you should express yourself in any way shape or form. Now without further adieu, I would like to introduce you into some of my writing…

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BetsyJ This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 27, 2016 at 11:15 am
Hey I have aspergers too!
countrygirl28 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 17, 2012 at 8:21 pm
I have Aspergers as well. I write because I can express myself in creative and insightful ways without the fear of tormenting myself over the meaning of metaphors, having to analyze another writer's argumentation, and avoiding all the literary elements that don't make any sense to me. I am also very rigid in my thinking and I am very clear with my writing. I completely agree with your whole paper. 
NateGuerrette replied...
Aug. 31, 2012 at 3:22 pm
Thanks a lot for your reply...It really helps :)
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