Memories Mean More to Me than Dresses

February 24, 2012

Throughout our lives, memories are created. Some are good, while others make us regret our past. It is always good to carry these memories in our hearts. They can help up through tough times. Anne Frank once said, "Memories mean more to me than dresses."
Many people disagree with this statement because they really like their Xbox or Wii. However, I agree with Anne that memories most definitely mean more to me than dresses.

While clothing is extremely important to us as humans, it doesn't have emotion. Every memory has some kinds of feeling to go with it. These emotions may help or hurt us. For example, my mom had breast cancer for one year. There was a lot of pain and worry that all of my family, especially my mom, had to deal with. In the end, this trial made everyone in my family a better person. I look back at this memory and feel grateful because I have grown so close to my family.

Often times, people get so caught up in their physical possessions and everything that is happening at that very moment. We sometimes forget that there wasn't always air hockey tables, Wii, etc. Almost everyone during the Holocaust carried memories. When Anne Frank's family decided to go into hiding, she took some clothes and other basic needs. She also took pictures and her memories. She felt that her memories would help her through times of doubt, sorrow, and pain. Her pictures did exactly this. Anne would look at the photos and remember all the fun times she had. This made her forget the present conditions for a few minutes. We can never fully understand the horrible events that happened to Anne Frank as well as everyone living during the Holocaust. What we can do is understand how much memories help us through difficult times.

Some memories can be extremely embarrassing or make us regret things. These kind of memories do not mean more to me than dresses. Everyone would rather remember all the fun exciting times we had. However, bad memories make us learn from our mistakes. Hopefully we will remember the incidents that weren't super awesome. That way, it will never happen again. All memories have some sort of purpose that we might not understand at the moment. Later in our lives, we will finally recognize the reason we kept that memory in our hearts.

In conclusion, some memories are better than others. For some strange reason, we almost always look back at the past and either regret or laugh, maybe both! I still believe that "memories mean more to me than dresses." Hopefully, they always will.

The author's comments:
This essay talks about how memories often mean more than dresses. It was inspired by Anne Frank.

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