Discrimination Against Children with Disability

February 20, 2012
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Discrimination against disabled Children is a huge and trending open market for bully's. We need to regulate discrimination Against Disabled Children to stop it.

Children with disability are being treated in a scandalous and embarrassing way. They treat them like trash. Sadly the treatment of mentally disabled person is sadly scandals in some countries according to Thomas Hammarberg. There has been so many instances were Discrimination ageist disabled kids. Lately more and more Stories of child disability discrimination have been shed light on. It may seem that more and more stories on child discrimination. The sad truth is yes there are a trend and a growing one. But in the bright side more and more people are taking side in this new kind of revolution. Not the kind like in Egypt but the kind of a good thing on both sides. But we need to turn a new page on this dilemma, and make it history. So called Special Education camps are an understatement since they are sometimes lower quality and experience then regular school as told by Thomas Hammarberg. Discrimination in this society is wide and bright. We need to stop this sadly scandals and embarrassing discrimination of disabled kids. It’s a huge and trending open market for bully's peer bullies and younger or older bully's. “We need to provide them for health care and re habitation and the necessary aids and equipment to support the individual so they can live as independent and as happy as possible as told by Thomas Hammarberg. We need to be able to provide the services needed. You can argue all you want with me on them having all they want, but that’s what we think in reality we uncover the truth and don't want to hear it. One such example is fire crest academy is a school located in Seattle Washington. and it was supposed to be a special end school and be able to provide for the kids in the school all the necessary stuff a disabled kids need to be able to live comfortable in this world and learn how to ignore the hateful sadly comments but we can’t do that since there is school like fire crest that was caught in a scandal where they just ignored the kids and locked them in a small class and none of the teachers were even qualified to work there. That’s only... only one such example of child discrimination. There are too many cases of child discrimination we need to stop it.

We need to stop Child Disability Discrimination by regulating it more but before we can do that we need to be able to create better laws that help discrimination against children disability and help stop it. We cant let children with disabilities since that's a sin its Evan a sin and wrong to discriminate against disabled children.

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