Growing Up to Fast

February 20, 2012
By _brianamartinez BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
_brianamartinez BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
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As young children, girls have always been fascinated with playing “Mommy”. We love the feeling of having someone all to ourselves to care for and love. But as they grow older the role play of “Mommy” they used with their dolls turns into a real life situation. Teenage Pregnancy is an issue that causes teens struggle and stress as they make adult decisions and try to form a good future for themselves and their children.

Being a teen parent comes with a lot of decisions and choices that you have to make. These decisions are extremely hard and sometimes your partner can make them even harder. Not only is this tough on you, but it is also tough on your baby. Myranda from states I was 15 when I found out I was 3 months pregnant. I had been with my boyfriend then for about 6 months. I thought we were in love, but I was wrong. When I told him I was pregnant, he told me to get an abortion and that it wasn't his. He told me he hated me and that he wanted a blood test on the baby. This shows how hard it is for both you and your partner to except the fact that you are a teen parent. Now Myranda has to make a decision on whether or not to keep her baby or get an abortion. Tyler Baltierra from Teen Mom 2 informs us that If you're going to participate in adult behavior then act like an adult, be cautious of the consequences and be smart enough to make the decision that is necessary. When you're a teen parent you have to think of others and not just yourself when it comes to parenting decisions. In other words this means it is time for you to grow up and become an adult because you are no longer living for yourself.

A lot changes when you’re a teen parent or pregnant as a teenager. You are no longer treated like a child. Its almost as if your teen years are taken away from you and you don't get to experience being a teen. There are however many ways to avoid becoming pregnant. Joseph G from states that your life does come to a big stop when you have a child at such a young age. There is no more time for play, no more sleepovers at your friends’ house. The hardest decision is no longer “What am i going to wear tomorrow?” Everything becomes about the baby. I felt like I was at some point trying to live a double life: the teenager at school, but the mom at home. This shows that when you become a teen parent your life is not the same. You not only have to live for yourself, but also for your baby, and you need to think about your baby in the decisions you make before you think about yourself. Mtv channel states that every single time you have sex there is a chance of pregnancy.The only 100% full proof way to avoid pregnancy is not to have sex. If you are having sex, there are different methods of protection to choose from. What this means is that if you don't want to get pregnant and you know you're not ready, then don't have sex.If you do however make the decision to have sex there are many different decisions you can make to prevent pregnancy. They aren't however always full proof, there is always that slight chance of becoming pregnant even if you use protection.

Teenage Pregnancy is never really a good thing. There is a lot that you have to go through when you are in the process of your pregnancy. Not only do you have to find a way to care for a baby, but you also have to leave your high school and teenage lives. Now a day’s more and more teens are becoming pregnant and at such young ages. This really doesn't have to do with how financially stable your family is or what background you grew up in, because any teen can either choose to have sex or choose not to have sex. Of course every girl dreams of having a family and can’t wait to be able to have a little person all their own, but waiting for the right time and waiting for the right person to have sex with is not only healthy for your family, but also for yourself.

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