Initiate the Youth

February 15, 2012
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A lot of today's youth cannot take initiative for the things they desire. Due to advancements in technology, teenagers are often too lazy to form a public outcry for help. Many of us teenagers sure do complain a lot about the things we would like, but do we actually take action for these things?
Creativity and imagination is what separates a child from an adult, but it is a believable statement that these electronic equipments most possess fade those lines. Everything that you own now may give you information at the tip of your fingers. The challenge is gone, and if us teens have a lack of sharp thinking, we begin to lose our edge.
Technology isn't all that terrible, but it is if it is being abused like a pharmaceutical drug. It's hard to know exactly when abusing is abusing simply because the features of technology are endless! The creation of this very article is a positive quality of technology because it's an informer of the possible dangers.
Teenager's must learn to take action instead of acting as if all hope has flown out of the window. We need to protest war, send petitions to congressmen, create wonderful festivals that spread words of hope and collaborate together in order to create a better tomorrow.

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