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February 3, 2012
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Mitt Romney is a very strong contender in the republican presidential race. Over the past week, Romney has been touring Iowa trying to pull more voters for the Iowa caucus on January 3, 2012. Romney has been very successful in his attempts for he has landed the position of leading candidate with 24 per cent of votes in the Iowa poll. Romney has a very good chance of winning in the Iowa caucus. Romney has also gained a great deal of supporters in New Hampshire these past couple of days and has received endorsements from fifteen more New Hampshire State Representatives. This will give Romney a total of seventy-three New Hampshire State Representatives, nine State Senators, four out of five Executive Councilors, and eight out of ten sheriffs. Have this large amount of New Hampshire supporters is essential because if Romney wins or places in the Iowa caucus and continues in the race, his next step will be to prepare for the New Hampshire primary on January 10, 2012. Romney has also gained the support of the North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, Virginian Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, delegates Chris Peace and Barbara Comstock, Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers, wealthy Iowa businessmen, and many others. Romney is continuing to promote his An American Century, Smaller Simpler Smarter, and Obamacare Repeal ideas. Romney informs Iowa and other states he has visited that he plans on making America stronger by lessening the government’s control over and presence in Americans’ lives, allowing Americans to create jobs thus strengthening the economy, improving trade in the United States, protecting businesses from being forced to use union labor, and reducing taxes, and government spending. Romney has received a great deal of support for his ideas, especially in Iowa, considering how he has a seventy-four per cent chance of winning the Iowa caucus.
I support Mitt Romney and believe that he is a very strong and capable presidential candidate. Romney is very experienced and well rounded with having a degree in business from Harvard’s School of Business and a degree in law from Harvard’s School of Law. Romney was CEO of Bain Capitol where he dealt with and controlled very difficult issues that would shape skills required to repair America’s economy. Similar to America’s economy, Bain & Company had severe issues with over spending, losing money, and focusing attention on insignificant issues, but Bain & Company also had an issue with lack of leadership. In a short time, Romney was not only able to trim the company’s budget, but he was able to make Bain & Company thrive. Romney helped created large corporate companies such as Domino’s Pizza and The Sports Authorities. Furthermore, Romney took leadership of the 1999 Winter Olympic Games when it was in the midst of great turmoil. With Romney in control of the Winter Olympic Games, it went from great turmoil to the most successful Olympic Games America ever held. In addition to Romney’s vast experience in business, he grew up in a very political household due to the fact that his father was governor of Michigan, so Romney was bred to be involved in politics. In 2002, Romney was elected governor of Massachusetts. Before Romney’s governorship, Massachusetts endured sever issues with budgets, spending, lack of leadership, and taxpayers were required to pay a remarkable amount in taxes. People lost jobs every day for a long period of time, but after Romney’s term ended in 2007; thousands of jobs were being created in Massachusetts. Creating jobs and improving the economy are America’s two main concerns, and the candidate most experienced, well prepared for, and capable of fulfilling these tasks is Mitt Romney.

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