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February 13, 2012
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This is my second article. The subject for this article will be celebrities.

At first it was hard trying to work with a topic that is so broad. So to make it easier for me i decided to narrow it down to a few questions on the subject.

The first question is does the paparazzi have the right to make their personal lives public information. At first my answer was a flat out no but after thinking about my answer changed to yes and no. Yes because they made a choice to be in the spotlight so they should deal with the consequences of their choice. I also said no because i think that the press sometimes goes too far with their information gathering. For example if the celebrity has to go to the hospital the paparazzi would probably block the ambulance from getting through just to get a few photos. They cant seem to take no for an answer.

The second question is are they a bad influence on people. In a way they can be. Think about it. You have a lot of celebrities doing bad/illegal things. They do drugs and they assault people and some just go crazy. That proves that they can be a bad influence. However in reality its not their fault. I mean yes they do bad things but its the peoples fault. I mean the ones who decide to mimic them are the ones really at fault. Its all about a persons decision on what to do and who to mimic. I mean you can have a society where there are all good influences and people would still do bad things.

Anyway i am going to move on to the third question. It is do celebrities or athletes get off easier when they commit a crime? I know a lot of people say yes without thinking about it and for the most part they are right. However i am going to give people a few specific examples. The first one is a football player named Michael Vick. He was charged with dogfighting and he was responsible for it in several states. However he got off too easy seeing as he is still playing in the NFL. The NFL players are supposed to be role models but they do a lot of illegal activities and they only get fines. What Vick did was/is disgusting and for him to get away with something akin to a slap on the wrist sickens me.

Another example is Charlie Sheen. We all know and saw what he was doing at the time. He looked like a maniac at the time. Even though he appears to be a changed man he was still forgiven too easily.

My final question is why are the celebrities who commit career suicide still try. I mean at that point its over so you should give up the ghost at that point. The fact that they don't realize the implications of what they had done astounds me.

Those are the major questions that i wrote about. I hope i gave you something to think about.

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