Are Friends always there ?

February 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Friends are the people that always say they'll be their for us with our ups and downs.But when you give your friend that trust they just disappoint you.First off let me tell you what a real friend is, a person who's always there by your side, a friend who wouldn't get you in trouble,a friend who influences you the right way, and a friend who doesn't have a bad reputation they'll ruin yours.
There will always be a time where you and your friend have arguments but that does not give the person the right to talk about one another behind their back. Now this is a occasion that is now going on in schools. Friends get into a argument and go their own ways with different people and use them to talk to and gossip.If you were once friends and you were straight forward with your friend whenever you felt like they were doing something that you didn't like and then you should have no problem telling them when you get into a fight.That doesn't mean get up and gossip.
Let's say the two friends separate into two groups and there's drama between those two groups and one day all of a sudden they want to fight that's called being a groupie.If you call yourself "independent" or a "individual" you should stick with your word.
And the things that happen a lot is people going back and forth telling each group things the people don't realize that's called being a messenger and fake.
I went to a public school once and I was into a situation where people were being messengers I walked away from that situation and I transferred schools I didn't want to be in no bad reputation like that.
Friends should be loyal and faithful not a backstabber and sneaky.
Yup of course best friends can fight but that is no right to treat your friends.Separating into groups is also a form of bullying you make the other people outside of the group feel left out or different.We're all the same so there should be no problem why we can't all be friends. Am I saying that you have to friends with everyone? No I'm just suggesting that even if you don't want to be friends with that specific person don't make them feel any different in a bad way or treat them horrible they are just like you,but be compromise with that person.The person that you hate so much might be the person you need to help you in the future.

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