Gang Violence

February 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Gang violence is a big problem that needs to be solved, soon or growth of gangs will just keep growing and growing. They are influencing little kids or older people to act the way they act thinking its all cool but its not there is a lot at risk in being in a gang, and its also hurting innocent people and destroying property with spray paint or just breaking things.

You might think to your self whenever you see gangs on why would they want to be in one? Well after talking to a few people at my school that are in them it is because they have nothing else to do in life and they feel worthless. A young Hispanic kid I was talking to was around the age 13, had to say, “It’s the only way to present our self and get the respect we want being Mexican people think of us as thieves and bad people but were not so we try to get respect.” A lot of that makes sense to me, me and we talked back in forth on what could be the other out comes instead of being in a gang.

Gangs are located everywhere even in a little town I live in called Everson. There are only two gangs here and the are Mexican gangs and they fight back in forth because they are the same people and on the other gang could be a family member. Its just insane seeing gang fights going down not to far away from my house and when little kids see these gang fights they will get the idea that its ok to hurt people just because they hang out in a different crowed of people. The people in the gangs might not realize that they are influencing the people around them and the things gangs do.

Being in a gang and fighting with other gangs or just beating up a kid that looked at you, you have a lot at risk. Its can start from little things like getting in trouble at school, stealing from stores and people and even those things can put a big impact in your life. If you’re failing classes because you don’t do the work or never in class because you’re in the office it’s going to be hard to graduate, which will then its going to be hard to get a good paying job. Then gangs get in to bigger things like selling drugs, doing drugs and killing people. That stuff can get you in jail for life. How would u think it would to be 16 or 17 and u were in a gang shoot out and you shot someone and they died, you would be going to juvie until your old enough to go to jail/prison for the rest of your life. Even if you didn’t kill someone or even shoot a gun you could get in just about the same amount of trouble.

This could all be done and over with and never could have happened if you just think of what the out comes will be should scare u enough. I know I would never join a gang because I wouldn’t want my family watch me go down the wrong path and end up killed or in jail or even in a struggle. It would be hard for them and it would be hard for me to know I’m hurting people that probably the only ones that care for me. I know for sure if I was in a gang if we got caught and u back some one up they are just going to turn around and blame it on you because they don’t want to go to jail. So for those little kids that live around gangs don’t follow their steps you got a bright future ahead of you just stay in school, away from drugs and stay out of trouble.

The author's comments:
this piece talks about a big issue going around everywhere and people need to do something about it

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