What should we really think of

January 31, 2012
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In time people have made ways to only think about the good things come from or they have tried to hide the bad with new stupid things... but what is important to you? knowing the truth or lies.? Well when i think of war I think of how life dosn't mattherto other and how each side there is a evil and a good dosn't that amke use the same kind of people? When I hear the word money I tink about how the main thing in 2012 is money and greed. If gas companies stopped being greedy prices would go down right? If we worked together maybe we could get out of debt. How people can hate a group of people just because they arn't like you...just because back then noone cared about others dosn't mean you have to still go along with them...If we didnt have to fight...just think of how life can be if we just opened our eyes to new things...listen a teenager once in a while they are smarter than you think. Think of how people feel when someone dies or they lose their house or more..you say you feel bad but you really just saying words not thinking about it....i'm really just saying think of what really matters to everyone not just you.

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