would you place a bet on me?

January 28, 2012
Everyone is making bets on my life...my life. Just because I like a little more people than normal. But just because I like a lot of people, and I fall to hard and fast doesn’t mean I’m going to end up 16 and pregnant. So stop making bets on me, I’m not a horse or a sports team! I wish people can just look at me for my personality. Boy, I can’t wait till I’m sixteen, and I’m on honor roll, or I’m head of the softball or volleyball tea1m or chosen as class clown, there are other things on my mind besides “it”. Even if people were too lazy to get to know me, just as a person, then they should at least realize that I’m smart. Book and street smart. Smart enough that next year, I’ll be starting high school with three honors classes. Also I have dreams and goals, for high school and my life. If you got to know me, even after reading this, would you place a bet on me?

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