U.S. Money Troubles

January 27, 2012
By purpleyobes BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
purpleyobes BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
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It’s no secret that that the U.S. is in debt. What most people don’t know is the exact amount of money we owe. The total amount so far is about fifteen trillion dollars; not million or even billion, fifteen TRILLION dollars! Useconomy.com says most of this debt consists of public debt, which is debt that the people have created. About two thirds of the total debt is public, and the rest is money spent by the government. We also owe a good chunk of money to foreign countries such as China and Japan, which is where most of the manufacturing for the U.S. takes place.

If you have been paying attention to the news lately you have seen that there has been a lot of civil unrest and natural disasters in the past few years. Granted we are a nice country and like to help people out but I believe we should worry about our country for once. According to Forbes.com, we are giving 58 billion dollars a year just to foreign assistance. About 1.5 billion dollars of that money goes to Cairo, Egypt every year and that’s only fourth on the list! Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Israel get even more. The most foreign assistance goes to Afghanistan which receives 3.9 billion dollars. We give 3.9 billion dollars to a country that is at WAR with us! So if the U.S. is in 15 trillion dollars of debt why the heck are we giving 3.9 billion to Afghanistan?
The government keeps telling the public that they’re trying and trying to get rid of the debt but they don’t seem to do anything. If they have enough money to use 58 billion for foreign aid why can’t we pay off some of our debt? The government needs to to get its priorities straight. By the time they realize that the debt should be their first priority it will be to late and the debt will be too high to pay off. Unless the government starts paying off our 15 trillion dollars worth of debt I don’t think we’ll ever get rid of it!

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