January 26, 2012
By Liveshort BRONZE, Somerset, New Jersey
Liveshort BRONZE, Somerset, New Jersey
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At my middle school, a student had kindly told us information on this matter. Student A, as the student wish to be anonymous, had answered the questions to the flaws of my middle school. Student A had said “the tiles are broken and cracked. I get encountered with bullying…” These are the just a few of FMS’ “unsolvable” problems. The student also stated their thoughts to the cause of the problems. “This is caused by people’s head that are _ up, problems at home, boredom, learning from other people’s action.”

That same student also rated the school’s performance level on a scale of one through ten. Student A rated it a “seven.” He only said that because, “I can maneuver around it.” When the interview was over, Student A said, “[Safety hazards] not handled.” He also gave a scenario of what he experienced. “Student A was getting pushed around; there was a teacher who stopped [it]. But Student a kept pushing Student B and the teacher ignored it and went back to her thing. It is very clearly showed it [the problem] is not [solved].”

As many have thoughts to solve these problems, he said, “the population that is disturbing the school should be sent to an all bad school which needs help improving their behavior.” Others, like the school administration, believe that constant attention, ISS (in school suspension), and others will help the misbehaving children from, misbehaving. Unfortunately, it has no effect on them and the students just go back to their old ways.

Student A had a lot of things to say. Like how, “they [safety drills] are non-sicle [nonsense]. Safety drills should be enforced in your house. School is for learning…” Others believe that students might not even care if they do in their very houses. At least in school, they are forced to because of the others are doing it. He believes that, “this school will never meet safety and sanitary standards.” And he says that there is only one solution and that is to get the “bad people to change their way of thinking and actually help the school.”

In most of the rooms in my middle school, there are some “technically difficulties.” For example, in a room upstairs, there has been a large piece of a tile missing. Each tile in that room is about four inches by four inches. There was a section of that very room where three tiles vanished and there were the remaining pieces of the tiles. Apparently, in that very room were also other flaws on the floor. One of them looked like several chunks of tiles went missing, so the district must have just glazed over it.

Also, the school can have an asbestos problem. Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals used in certain products, such as building materials and vehicle brakes, to resist heat and corrosion. The inhalation of asbestos fibers by anyone can cause diseases of the lungs and other organs that may not appear until years after the exposure has occurred. For instance, asbestosis can cause a buildup of scar-like tissue in the lungs and result in loss of lung function that often progresses to disability and death. Asbestos fibers associated with these health risks are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Plus, the school was finished in the 1960s, so it had a lot of time just to form the deadly minerals. With the tiles being able to break, more and more invisible clouds of asbestos might arrive, and causing students to fall for the symptoms.

That scene was just noticed before the students’ winter break. The inhabitants in that literacy room said it took place over time. Meaning that someone, or possible a group, had been slowly chipping away, piece by piece, of tile and got exactly like the photo. After interviewing several teachers, they all basically said it should get fixed. But what is the school doing to solve these matters? So to say, it appears they are solving the problems like a turtle, but slow and steady doesn’t always win the race.

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