Racism in Soccer

January 27, 2012
By , Chesterfield, NJ
Everybody wants world peace right? Then why do people have to be racist and cause major violence. Racism is a huge issue in the world. All throughout the centuries racism as created worldwide disputes. A big example of racism has occurred in soccer very recently. Luis Suarez, an Uruguayan striker called a black defender Negro. He was punished with an 8 game suspension. Why do people have to be racist? Just because Luis Suarez lost doesn’t mean he has to get mad and make a racist remark because he can’t get past the black defender Patrice Evra. Racism has occurred all over the world, and is still going on now. In The Daily Beast, Sepp Blatter, The FIFA President, denies there is racism in the soccer world, and says that everything is fine. If calling somebody Negro is not racial then what is it? If FIFA doesn’t put an end to racism quickly, we might be looking at many people being fined and barely anybody playing. When FIFA will fine teams, teams will eventually run out of money which will result in no more soccer. Players have to get control of themselves and not blurt out anything they want. They are ruining their own career and creating a bad reputation for themselves. According to ESPN Soccer, racism is forcing the EPL (English Premier League) to go to court and waste money on court cases instead of players. Soon enough, other players on the same club will be furious and protest. Players like John Terry, and Luis Suarez have gone to court for the statements they have made about other people and have been fined over 400,000£. If racism doesn’t come to an end, the soccer economy will go corrupt, and cease to exist. Imagine if there was no more soccer. There would be so many broken hearts of soccer fans. The families of soccer players will have no money to live. All of this can actually happen if racism continues. Racism needs to come to an end or there will be no more soccer. World peace is something everybody strives for, but we can’t achieve it if racism continues in the world.

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RazzMaTazzMelon said...
Mar. 31, 2016 at 8:45 am
It's amazing how ignorant people can be. This isn't just an EPL problem,sadly,this happens all over the world. In fact many fans chant racist chants against black players or Jewish players.
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