What is love?

January 23, 2012
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I love you.
Three small words.
Three small words, containing a whole world of meaning. Yet, in this day and age we take this phrase for granted. It’s expected for your mom, dad, grandma, boyfriend, or even your best friends to say this. It’s on the radio, it’s in movies; Valentine’s is especially a huge offender, giving out this precious phrase on a candy heart or card.
Well, I say no. I don’t accept this.
Although I am probably guilty for carelessly throwing the phrase around, I’m now thinking…those are really powerful words. I love you can be taken in different contexts, with different people, of course, but it basically means: I care for you. You’re very special and important to me. When you say this phrase, do you really mean it? Or are you just saying it because it’s considered the norm? Perhaps you’re saying it to impress your friends, and it’s not even for the person whom you’re addressing? Too many times I’ve seen young couples posting the phrase back and forth on their Facebook walls. Are they just trying to get attention? If you’ve said the phrase for any of these reasons, you may want to rethink the meaning.

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