Our Own Problems

January 14, 2012
By RajS22 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
RajS22 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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We look toward the future and new medicines as the solution to our problems, but have we been creating them ourselves all along?

In the beginning, life was relatively simple. Then, we started creating our problems. Lets take the car, for example. The car was created to make transport more simple and easy. Because of the car, Suburbs were created and City Sprawl became a reality. This made the city streets really congested. To solve the problem, subterranean transport was invented, which just increased the suburbs.

We are concerned about the environment, but we caused the problem in the first place.

We needed transportation, and added trains, cars, buses, airplanes, and ships to the mess.
Why not live close together in the first place?

We needed food, so added cattle, pigs, and chicken to the mess. Natural gas from livestock creates a good portion of CO2
Why not use vegetables, which yield 10% more energy, instead of meat?

We wanted goods, and created giant factories to make them.
Why not live with the toys nature already has to offer, like climbing trees, swimming in creeks, or using Neem twigs for toothbrushes? (they are just as sanitary)

We wanted energy, and created power plants and nuclear reactors to give it to us.
What about working in daylight?

We wanted medicine, and had to use tremendous energy and people to find the simple solutions.
What about natural remedies like Turmeric Powder, cloves, honey, etc?

We wanted information, and had to create intricate computer systems for that.
Why not just pay attention in school?

We have created all of our own problems. Now instead of moving forward to solve them, why not try taking a step back?

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