January 13, 2012
By ashley frank BRONZE, Fair Oaks, California
ashley frank BRONZE, Fair Oaks, California
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Dear teens;


Imagine yourself, sprinting down the school hallways looking frantically for a place to hide. You’re filled with fear and cant help think that you don’t want to be here anymore, you don’t want to exist. Then it comes, the person that has been physically, and mentally hurting You can’t help but lay there, listening to those words run through your mind over and over again. You want someone to be there, anyone just to help you escape, it would mean the world to you.

Suicide. Does that word make your nose cringe? Or even make your stomach twist? Mine does. If not, well how would you like to know that 100,000 students had committed suicide in the year 2002 due to bullying. They were harassed, teased, insulted, or even threatened.

Cyber bullying. It happens through texts, twitter, MySpace, and most of all FACEBOOK. How does it happen? Well long story short, someone just wants to tear someone apart and so to make it even worse, they decide to do it where everyone can see it. Facebook. I know everyone has seen someone make a rude comment or even a threat and you know you have seen it personally.

Let me guess, you didn’t say anything? Sounds familiar. Get this, most teens see it and don’t say anything. Want to know why? Well they are afraid that they’re going to be the next victim. This is to all those teens that has been a bystander. Think of yourself as the victim. Wouldn’t you want someone to help you, to just say one word for you? That one word; Stop. Wouldn’t it make you feel rescued, feel safe just to hear someone say that word. Well back to reality, that’s what those victims want. They just want someone to stick up for them, to do something would mean the most to them. Most of all it would change their world. Cyber bullying can cause a life-threatening issue and it has already started. Help save them. Help them become strong again. To regain their strength and take back their life. Remember, do the actions that you would want someone to do for you.

Bullying hurts. Do the right thing and help others around you. You would want someone to do the same exact thing for you as well. Remember there’s only one word you have to say. STOP. That word will bring back strength and help them bring their lives back into their own hands again.


The author's comments:
What inspired me ?

Well I honestly don't know, I just have seen it and had my own personal experiences and it really hurts . It's something that really touches me.

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