Bullying Hurts

January 12, 2012
By anggie1 BRONZE, Salinas, California
anggie1 BRONZE, Salinas, California
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my favorite quote is be bigger than life or it will soon catch up to you

Can you imagine going to school everyday and getting picked on for your skin color, hair style, clothing , size or even because of something you did on accident ?Or what about coming home from school everyday with a black eye or bruises that you wouldn’t believe ? Honestly, I think it is emotionally and physically wrong

I mostly think this because most kids cant take it and they try to commit suicide or go home crying harder than you could imagine and I am sure at one point in our life we will experience that feeling … study shows that most bullying starts off in 2nd grade which is totally bogus believe me I am sure you wouldn’t want to be one of those kids getting picked on everyday and some kids are emotional about it, well I would to I mean who would want to get dunked into a garbage can or go home with your head wet from being dunked in the toilet I mean come on you don’t have to be physically mean just because you want to be popular or the school player all im asking is for a little help to boycott bullying and to not make teenagers look so bad in front of our parents and grandparents and some advice its not only about you its about out future

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this kid was crying on the floor in the hallway i stopped to take a look next thing i new a group of kids walked by threw him on the floor and started to punch him and they called him anerd and walked away and thats when i new we have to do something about it and its not fair for those people

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