Why We Fight

January 12, 2012
By Nika_ GOLD, Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas
Nika_ GOLD, Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas
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The real war isn't fought with guns and swords, and it doesn't spill blood. The real war is fought with words, and it's by people that want to spiritually crush us into oblivion, until we are nothing more than empty shells of the beautiful people we once were, ready to be slaves. No lives are lost, but countless are ruined in this mass conflict that has spread into our homes, schools, and our very lives. So many give in, trading temporary relief for their freedom. They give up who they are, putting more value in people's opinions, or materialistic things which don't matter at all. This needs to stop. Humanity needs to wake up and realize that we can fight back. We can choose who we are, because that's who we want to be, and no one can tell us different. We don't need to fall in with the status quo and be like everyone else. This world is so magnificent because of the many different men and women that make it up. We need to learn to like ourselves for who we are, or the very thing that makes us human, our individuality, will be lost in the crashing sea of 'normal'. This is why we should all fight to retain who we are, our beliefs, our culture, every little quirk we have. When we lose them, we become one with the crowd, a vapor in the wind. Vapors never changed the world, and just another person in the crowd never made a difference.

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