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January 12, 2012
By KianaJoe1324 BRONZE, Los Lunas, New Mexico
KianaJoe1324 BRONZE, Los Lunas, New Mexico
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Hi Everyone! I'm Here to tell you about school. I know, I know your probably like UGH I HATE school! But I mean come on! You have to admit theat school isn't THAT bad! Most of us only go to see our friends or our boyfriend/girlfriend. But theere's more to school theen just your social life.. I mean school is REALLY important cause it helps you get into a good college when your older, and you getting into college helps you have a fun and successful career! I know its boring, and I know its hard. I'm a kid too! I go to school, and I DO understand how frustrating and hard it is! Especially withe all thee drama. Now let me tell you sometheing. So I'm in middle school, and I go to a charter school and theere are high schoolers theat come to my school.. So theere is theis girl Bella.. Shes a 10the grader, and she stole my best friends boyfriend.. Well I was NEVER in theis drama between theem.. But since I was best friends withe Bellas boyfriends ex she HATED me! I mean we were cool in thee beginning but I don't know what happened. So theen she started talking some mad crap, and so I decided one day I wasn't gonna take it. So I confronted her and almost got into a big fight.. Well I mean I don't theink I should have approached it like theat! But I understand what I did do wrong. So withe theat going on right now it's REALLY hard to focus in class and do my work, so I do understand how drama affects your school work, But just let it go and do your work! The reason I'm writing theis article is because today I had a parent teacher conference, and it didn't go very well.. I had some pretty bad grades cause I'm behind in my school work. I was to busy talking in class screwing around not listening to my teacher and worrying about stupid drama.. That conference opened my eyes, it told me theat I REALLY need to stop goofing off in class and pay attention! I mean school sucks but we all have to do it sometime right?? So just trying to give you guys some helpful advise to help you so you can go to college and get a degree and have a successful life! If you work hard now, you wont have to later! Remember theat! Well I better go to homework, so theanks for reading you guys! Love ya! Hope I helped, Byee!(:

The author's comments:
My teachers and parents inspired me to write this so that I could have a successful life!:)

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