Beauty is a Crime

January 7, 2012
By HorseChild BRONZE, Saint Marys, Georgia
HorseChild BRONZE, Saint Marys, Georgia
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"Be the change you wish to see in the world" By Ghandi

All around the world women are viewed as beautiful but never in the same way.
Beauty? Does it really exist?
Here in the United States the "classic beauty" is tall,with either blond or brunette
hair, thin, with blue or green eyes, tan, usually she is in short shorts and a small shirt, and of
coarse she has to have big boobs. In Africa, beauty takes on the opposite meaning.
In Africa, they believe in being big or as Americans say fat. They believe the bigger the
woman is the more beautiful she is. Being big signifies good health, being fertile, and somewhat
almost goddess like. To use it would be a curse or just plan disgusting to be even a little bit bigger
than a toothpick.
In India, women aren't measured by their beauty by how skinny or fat they are or even how
their face is shaped but by the rings around their necks. Every year women add a brass ring around
their necks. Even though, if they take those rings off they will die instantly from a broken neck but
for the price of beauty for a mans sake they do it. Even the little girls have small rings around their
necks. To any other person it seems almost crazy to risk your life for this but people do it every day.
As humans, every one's view on beauty is so warped. The lengths we go to just to achieve what
we perceive as beautiful never ends. We can go in so many directions with what we will do with our
bodies that others do or don't approve of. Right at this minute their are people purposely starving
themselves, over indulging, breaking their own bones, cutting their own skins, and so many more
dangerous habits to feel somewhat beautiful and to fulfill and false expectation.
Beauty is more like a crime. The influence is has on society is unbelievable and some what
nauseating. The more people that yearn for this fake perception the more deadly it becomes. To
the world beauty differs from place to place. And to some people it's non existent because beauty is
only skin deep.

The author's comments:
I was a collector of broken souls in school. They came to me with problems and I would stand up for them. The tears I personally have seen for the word ugly or fat is amazing! Don't believe the words of jealous teens all the time. Teens need to learn this to survive high school.

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