Government Power

January 7, 2012
By Anonymous

How does it feel to know your trapped? Sitting here like a caged animal. Playing by their rules and bending to their will. They behold power you only wish to see. We are all the same in their eyes, They think of us only as robots that they can experiment with and shut down when they fail. They keep us blind to the chaos, and they punish us if we find out other wise. To them we are weak, and dependent, but it can't be helped when we let them control us. No one takes a chance, almost as if they like their cage. But some are different they escape.....or the do the unthinkable. They break the rules, but they never survive. Their to powerful for them, we have to stick together. We are the ones who can bring them down. The power that once belonged to us, will be returned to us. The choices that were stolen from us, will be found. We will rise when they least expect it, we will return every last bit of control to where it needs to be. Everyone will make peace with us, and we will make sure our future is secure. We will never have to live in a bubble again, we are the future and we need it done our way.

The author's comments:
We need to take charge of our world. It is spiraling out of control and they no longer listen to us. If we don't fix it now when we get older there will be nothing but a pile of rubble left for us to clean up. We are the future! We can't let them ruin it for us.

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