My View of Love and Life

January 7, 2012
By haley854 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
haley854 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Loving someone is not an easy process. Everyone is different when someone they truly care about returns the favor. But the problem with young teens is that they fall too easy. Some believe that liking someone more than ever is okay to say when they were only texting for a maximum of two weeks. In my opinion, it isn’t. You fall for the words that were carefully thought about to trick your heart. You don’t see their facial expressions and you don’t hear the tone in their voice. It’s an easy thing to manipulate someone over a text message. I have been a victim and I have witnessed it before.
Some do not understand what “love” and being “in love” is all about. They are completely different things. I don’t even know what being in love is. You don’t figure that out until you found the one that is your soul mate. But what people do is throw the word ‘love’ around like its nothing. By the time you realize what it actually is, you won’t know what to call it because the word ‘love’ has no value to you.
Gris. You don’t always need a boyfriend. You are all beautiful, inside and out. The one week relationships are meaningless and you shouldn’t waste your time. Wait for that one boy that brings out the real you and don’t change if things become serious. Never ditch your friends for a boy. You will lose friends and you’re always going to need them. Boyfriend or no boyfriend, your friends should be your first priority.
Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Don’t be afraid to embrace it and show it off. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. You will make mistakes. Don’t ever say you aren’t good enough because you are. You will always be good enough. Patience is the key. You don’t need a boyfriend to be happy. You don’t need a boy to make yourself feel pretty. You don’t need a boyfriend to have fun. Love life for every good or bad moment of your life. You never know how long you have to make your dreams come true. Run wild. Cause mayhem. Laugh until you cry. When people tell you “no”, do it anyway. And don’t let anymore stop you from making things happen.

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