This Is Our World!

January 10, 2012
Now a days children are bullying others or being bullied by others. There is many different ways of bullying, over the web, through texts, harassing phone calls, and many more. Kids are scared to tell adults or to stop it because it will increase the bullying or get them in the harassment of others. Some kids think it is ok to bully others, but it isn't bullying can cause suicides, death threats to the bullies, kids not going to school, and many more. You can be a hero by standing up for yourself or someone you know who is being bullied, it isn't right or ok for someone to harass you. Be yourself and enjoy your life, without worries or fears that you wont be accepted by others. Life is meant for you to do your best not for someone to ruin it, life is a gift your only given once so live it up to the best you can for you. Love your family, your TRUE friends, and yourself. Don't live in fear, live in joy and happiness. Let your haters be your motivators.!

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