The Power of Women

January 5, 2012
By fczochanski BRONZE, Metuchen, New Jersey
fczochanski BRONZE, Metuchen, New Jersey
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"You must do the thing you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt

It is no secret that society is ruled by males. The United States has had forty-four presidents, and not one has been a female. Yet albeit it does not seem this way to other countries, women are huge influences in the way their country is governed. First Lady’s throughout history carried their husband’s through their terms, nudging them in certain directions, and essentially ruling our country. Some of the most prominent of these include: Sarah Polk- who used her education to help her husband, Abigail Fillmore- who was one of her husbands teachers, and most notably, Eleanor Roosevelt- who used her status as First Lady to advocate for the causes she held dear to her including women’s rights.

Why is it that these women had to hide their brains behind their husbands? Why is it that women do not have more leadership roles in society? Women are powerful. Women are strong. Women are willing to fight for what they believe in. This is in the blood passed on by their ancestors who were oppressed by the domineering males of their time, and this accounts for the genuine voracity deep within the hearts of women today.

Women are equally capable as males to lead a country, to become doctors, to become authors or professors. Women are not the naïve breeding machines they were once thought to be. If this is so, then why is it that an article was published this month in an Italian newspaper, stating “take away the books for women, and let them have children again”. This piece was completely serious.

Centuries later, women are still seen below men by many people. Media is implying to young girls that they should be focusing on their looks instead of books. Through increasingly risqué advertisement’s with young girls, it is teaching them to show more skin, and less respect for oneself as a women. However, women are not objects. They are not meant to stand around and look pretty waiting for a man to glance them over and claim them. Women are intelligent and powerful.

This is why an Awareness Month needs to be created to remind society of The Power of Women. It is about time for women to get the respect they deserve and to reinstate their self-confidence. This Awareness Month would be exceedingly important for the younger generations of women and generations to come, because no matter what others say about the female sex, there will be one clear reminder saying “you, too, are powerful”.

The author's comments:
Almost everyday someone makes I comment that ranks women below men, and everyday someone laughs about it. I want people to be aware that women are powerful. And that it is important to teach this to our younger generations so that the cycle of unjust beliefs can be broken.

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