School Drama & Bullying

January 10, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear Students Of All Ages,

Have you ever had school drama? Have you ever caused it? Have you ever been the victim? Have you ever tried to stay out of it? To fix it?

School drama can cause threats, fights, and even death. How would you feel if you caused the death of a peer? About 6,200,000 teens kill themselves every year over drama or bullying. Almost every teen thinks about suicide, and usually succeed with it. It is a big deal that needs to be stopped.

Most bystanders also won’t do anything about it. Bystanders are the most common people who will do nothing about it. They are the people who can do something about it, but usually won’t. If you see it or hear it, say something, do something, and stop it! If you do your part and stay out of it, there will be less havoc in the world, and more peace.

Most families of the victim, will usually not know if they are being bullied or have drama because the victim is to scared to tell anyone. This is proven by the parents of Jason Moree who committed suicide but, never told his parents the problem. If you are bullied, or have drama, you should be brave and report it. I know it might be scary but it helps a lot if you tell someone. Even if it’s not your parents, it’s good if people know. We need to reduce bullying, drama, and deaths.

If you want to help stop drama or bullying, do something about it! I’ve had drama in my life, and all it causes is havoc. When you hear or see it, stop it! If your the victim, tell someone! Take a stand and stop it! I know sometimes it’s hard, but we need to stand together and stop it!

School drama and bullying can cause a lot of different bad things, and needs to be stopped. Are you the victim, the bully, the bystander? Whoever you are, stop it!

All drama and bullying does is cause problems. Stop It. Thank you.

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