Everyone's Equal, No Matter What

November 30, 2011
The problem with society these days is that too many kids are getting bullied. Whether it's for the color of your skin or what kind of clothes you wear. The biggest issue with bullying is discrimination against homosexual or "gay" people. I wish that people would stop bullying against this type of people. They want happiness just as much as the next guy or gal. I in fact have homosexual family members and it's just offensive when I hear someone say " Oh that's so gay!" or "Your such a faggot". I would take it as a great compliment to be called a homosexual because the people I know like that are the nicest I've ever met. It says in the Bill of Rights that each citizen of the United States of America has the right of the pursuit of happiness.I feel that some people have let that drift to the back of their minds not to be thought of again. Having the right to the pursuit of happiness means you can love any person you want no matter whether they're a girl or a boy.
Some people also believe that the color of your skin matters. I have a lot of friends that aren't of the same race as me and I don't like them less for it.
What kids and even everyone need to remember is that you get to choose your friends.You don't have to be around someone you don't like. I'm starting to wonder if people these days have forgotten their morals. Have a bully free day and always remember, it only gets better.

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