Abused Animals

January 4, 2012
By WinterWolf27 BRONZE, Fair Oaks, CA, California
WinterWolf27 BRONZE, Fair Oaks, CA, California
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Dear Teen Ink,
Abused Animals

Do you think animal abuse is right? Many of these people don't know that what they are doing is cruel. For example, some may keep a dog in their yard with a doghouse that is on the ground and gets flooded with water when it rains, or they keep their dog on a short chain all of the time without realizing that the dog needs better shelter. Or putting them in a small cage or doge house where the flies are eating at their flesh at its body parts.

Some owners think when their dog is ill, the’ll shoot them in the head. Even cats when their ill; they don't care they’ll just let them outside to die in the middle of the road way. They believe they can just do anything without any consequences. Well guess what? What goes around comes around to you; making you pay for what you’ve done.

They even hurt them when they don't think they know it but deep down inside they probably do. Like leaving your animal in the rain chained up to the tree or even a dog house. Keeping them in a dirty, unhealthy environment by not keeping it clean.

People if you want to do something speak your mind. If you live next to them be the animals hero feed them, give them water, just do something then just being a bystander.
Nicole B

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