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January 2, 2012
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Hello, I got a F on my last algebra honors test. I’m not afraid to admit it, nor am I a bad student. I’m just one of the lucky few who realize how irrelevant this grade is. To be honest, if you get such a grade on a more important test (e.g. the SATs or “the test that decides your future”), that’s not good at all... And I know that.

It amazes me how some students can be so captivated by each and every little number that goes into the grade book. Tell me, how will me failing this one algebra test, or even failing the entire class, affect my future? Rhetorical question... It won’t.

And as I touched on in the opening paragraph, I can’t speak for high schoolers. Having an older brother who has now graduated from college, I know how important grades can be. But for now, eighth grade, I see no reason to freak out.

I should also say that school grades don’t determine how smart, how amazing, or how good of a person you are. Yes, they may get you into that top-notch college, whoop-de-do. But what about your personality? Your health? Your social life?

Maybe it’s the way I’m being raised. Both my parents are relaxed about grades. I have several friends whose parents don’t give them dinner if they come home with anything lower than a B. Which, in my humble opinion, is inhuman.

Thanks for reading my rant. I’d love to hear what you have to say, so feel free to leave a comment.

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