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December 31, 2011
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At some point in everyone’s life they do something nice for other people. Even if others don’t see it, they may think they’re good. Hitler believed he was doing the right thing and helping the world even though he was doing evil. Good has its definitions. In reality, good is perfect, and no one’s that. If a person believes they’re good, what does that mean? That they do good things and they’ll be saved for that? Some beg to differ, saying, “What is the difference? If you’re “good” but you mess up, even once, you’re not perfect, so you’re not good.” They go on to say, “Even if that sounds like bad news, there’s a solution! Somebody was already perfect. Somebody already took the punishment. Somebody already paid the price, died, and then defeated death by rising again!! Isn’t that wonderful?” So, believe that! Put faith in that! Not in “being good”, which changes with whomever is asked, but in Jesus Christ who cared enough to put aside kingly powers to live the life of a servant and come and set his people free. Give up the fears and anxieties of not knowing how good is enough, but rather come to Christ and be content knowing eternal life is waiting. Stop rejecting the Holy Spirit; it's a free gift, and we all know not much is free today!

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