Making it Happen

December 20, 2011
By AshleeLanai BRONZE, Rock Springs, Wyoming
AshleeLanai BRONZE, Rock Springs, Wyoming
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After months of making mistakes, being let down, and finding reasons to be sad instead of happy, I think I finally have found the life lesson in it all ... And that lesson is simply this: In order to have any shot with anything you choose to do in the future, you must make a break with the past. For that you must allow yourself time to heal and mend the parts of you that have been broken. Moving on too fast when you're not ready will be the fatality to your relationships... That doesn't necessarily mean that you should wait around, it just means that time will eventually heal the wounds you feel. Letting go doesn't mean you're weak or that you're a coward, it just means you're growing up and that you're strong enough to let go. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN LIFE so avoid letting your weaknesses rule the life you live. And lastly, this being the greatest lesson of all, you have to put some effort in your life and not expect things to just work themselves out. Because more often than not if you solemnly rely on hope and faith, you’ll eventually find even that may not be enough.

The author's comments:
I was up late one night and was dealing with a lot of stress. Suddenly I had a realization that closing my eyes wouldn't solve anything and that to lead a better life meant doing a lot of work to get there.

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