What Matters in Life?

December 21, 2011
By UpAllNight BRONZE, Terrell, Texas
UpAllNight BRONZE, Terrell, Texas
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What matters in life? I ask myself that question everyday, as I wake up that morning feeling like I'm in a war with myself that will never end. Some days when I wake up I feel as if I'm just being swept with the crowd of familiar faces that still feel like we have enough time to ask ourselves that question, sometimes it seems like it would be so easy to just follow that path that of course we have enough time, what could possibly deprive us of that time between being a child to be coming an adult? The days pass though and I see the things that happen, we become arrogant we think we are invincible that nothing in this world could destroy us but we don't see how fragile we really are. We don't always have to be the star,the hero but it seems to be in are blood that we yearn to be so, we might not want to admit it but we all want to be accepted so why when we finally do become so we try to push the others down? What has happened to us in that short time that made our biggest question of what matters in life changed? I walk the halls of school and know I should start asking this question to myself to try to spare those years of confusion when I am an adult,so I can move forward not stuck in that place until the questions is answered but moving and living.I look at the faces some will be stuck some will move on after this and never even have to wait. When I look at us I think in ways we are so smart so focused on becoming something bigger than we can imagine, but in other ways we will build the most graceful things only to destroy ourselves by competition,by jealousy. So as I walk the halls of school in my head I ask you,"What matters in life? What is going to matter when we are not here anymore?"

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