How Music Affects the Mind

December 18, 2011
By roadstar8286 BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
roadstar8286 BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
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Music has changed throughout the ages, but it has performed the same few tasks since its coming. Music’s many styles can alter a person’s aesthetic, physical, social, mental, and spiritual conscience. The sudden change people can undergo is most certainly amazing. The power that music has over the mind is mostly unexplainable, but no one would even question this power because of the love that people have for music.

Just an overview, the left brain focuses on the ability to pay attention, logic, and verbal ability. The right brain focuses on creativity, artistic ability, and athletics. The two sides seem completely opposite, but they can be linked by listening to music that plays 60 beats or more. In this case, people could use music to connect to other things, and that could be used as a memory tool. Memory and music have been used together since the creation of Greek dramas. The Greeks figured out that their dramas could be remembered more easily.

Listening to music while working can go either way. It has both pros and cons. Some say that listening to music while working helps in academic performance in reading and literacy skills. Teachers however, say that it distracts you. Teachers also say that listening to music with words while reading is the worst thing ever, but they are more lenient with classical instrumental music. This is because you are not reading and listening to words at the same time.

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