What Happens Next?

December 17, 2011
By , Holiday, FL
I never really was attentive to the happenings of current events or politics in the world. Maybe I was too young to really care about the future and I decided to focus on more “basic” topics such as global warming. But a current change has occurred not just for me but I believe the entire world. It may be that I’m simply mature enough to find politics today intriguing, or it may be that events around the world are simply more interesting nowadays. If you are ignorant to the events I speak of and wish to learn more about a new world we are heading to, than read on and educate yourself! However, if you fell that you wish to be left in the dark not be burdened with the problems the day than look away and remain cozy in your warm little illusion. It is after all, an illusion shattering subject. But not in the form of colored pills as it will most likely soon be visible to anyone. Let us shed the dark air I have left in past sentences and go onward to the subject matter. There have been revolutions this year. That is a simple enough statement, but what does it? Who has revolted? Why were they caused? The reason of revolt is varied, but in truth, nearly everyone has revolted this year. A trend beginning with the Middle East. When Egypt had undergone 20 years of oppression that included mass censorship, military action, and even the revocation of the internet, it was inevitable grounds for revolt. The ending of the internet may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, as revolution occurred thereafter in many eastern countries. Egypt successfully overthrew their dictatorial leader in what became known as The Arab Spring. But look at the camel with a broken back. The hay is the oppression and camel is the people’s anger. But the legs fell as well. Who are the legs? The legs are America. But the legs are not broken; they simply have the weight of the hay pushing them down. This political pressure is the reason America ended the war in Afghanistan. Though Afghanistan and Iraq didn’t revolt anywhere near as much as other countries, they are a little too close for comfort. So America, being the smart little girl she is, pulled out of Iraq and the rest to avoid being the subject of a revolution. A rather smart topic for such a fragile country. My reasoning for its fragility will be explained later. Do you remember the recession we had a couple of years ago, the one that cause millions to go unemployed. Well I feel Europe to be a bit of a copycat. The economic crash in Greece was devastating for the European economy. Hundreds are currently fleeing the country in hopes of finding work. This crash overshadowed the crash in Italy. You didn’t know the Italian stock market has crashed? Well now you do, and you also should know that Italy’s economy is so important to the world that if it falls every major stock market in the world will go down with it. So the revolts begin again and we are met with the European Crisis. Your probably thinking that is an exaggeration and that there have to be a few countries in Europe with good economies. Well you are very right. France and Germany are very scared; they don’t want their economy to be tainted by the poorer countries and Greece. So they got the brilliant idea to separate from the European Union. And they say that if England doesn’t revoke several laws proposed in the Treaty of Lisbon, that they will separate themselves. The Euro could cease to exist as we know it, this would be catastrophic to Europe’s economy, or Greece, in a last ditch effort to clean up its economy, could revert back to the drachma. But this decision would instantly cut the value of the money in half. America has been feeling the sting of the people as well. The protesting in Wall Street has really affected the countries point of view, that the fact one percent of the people gets 97 percent of the money in America and yet don’t pay taxes. It is not selfish to protest this; it is reason and human instinct. But with presidential elections on the rise, the odds of getting a republican in office are increasing. And if that happens not only will the protesting be violently suppressed, but the condition of the one percent will only increase in wealth and decrease in responsibility. But then a real crisis upon us. The defense Authorization Act is a bill passed senate that if made into a law, will give military the right to interrogate, torture, and kill Americans on American soil. It will make America a military dictatorship that has the ability to throw in innocent people in jail without trial or conviction. It will effectively revoke the Bill of Rights. And this is why America has become fragile and weak, because when a country questions its founding fathers, you have nothing left. Which is when we ask the question: what happens next? With the European Union about to fall apart, the Middle East delicately reestablishing and recovering from a government that could easily come back into power and America is attacking itself. What will happen tomorrow? The future is a question and we are the answer.

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