What We Are

December 16, 2011
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When I was a little boy, my sister and I were in the car. She told me that there was no god and when we die we just go into the dirt and that is it. I pictured an image of that. This image still haunts me to this day. I died and I could see two people standing over my grave. It was a man dressed up in an orange shirt with an orange tie. He had short spiked blond hair. The woman had a black short skirt dress on, she also had blond hair. They put roses on my grave and walked away. Then I faded to black. And there I stood. Blackness, nothing. I was only four when this happened and it scared me greatly. Now that I am older I know a few things. We are greater than just to die and become nothing. I know there is a God. We are too complicated to just be born and die. We love; we feel compassion, greed, anger, passion. All of these make us human. Whether you believe there is a God or not, you too know that there must be something more. The life we live, the people we touch, all the hard work we do just for nothing? I don’t believe that. I believe God put us on this earth for a reason. And maybe living is a challenge he wants us to take. He wants us to feel this diversity, and hopefully when I do die. God can look me in the eyes, and say, good work.

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