I'm Sticking with Obama...or Mitt

December 15, 2011
By 8thGemini GOLD, Corning, New York
8thGemini GOLD, Corning, New York
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Don't cross oceans for people who wouldn't jump puddles for you.

As you all know the 2012 presidential election is fast approaching. On one side we have President Obama, a democrat who admittedly has had some problems in office mostly because of congress. On the other side though, we have several republicans who probably can’t even spell their own names. Yes, you can look up the video of Rick Perry in New Hampshire. He looks drunk out of his mind, and when they give him a bottle of New Hampshire Maple Syrup he looks at it like a total moron. Herman Cain (who has since dropped out of the election) asked if Obama supported the Libyan uprising during an interview (my little sister knows that) and has been accused of sexual assault multiple times. Ok well that’s all good if you’re still voting republican. Keep looking further though, past the social blunders. The Republican Party has no presidential platform. They have several (idiot) individuals who are basically ranting on about what they think should be done, such as firing all eight of the supreme court justices (there are nine) and saying how they want everybody over the age of 21 to come vote for them (that’s the drinking age not the voting age) really if you’re voting republican that’s like voting OJ Simpson and the Zodiac Killer into office! I don’t mean to get all pissed when I talk politics but this is something that you all need to know. If the Republicans are piling up around Newt Gingrich (like they say they are) then Houston we have a problem because he is no better than the rest of them. If you’re going to vote for anyone at least make it Mitt Romney. I usually don’t like to say anything nice about republicans but I like Mitt, he has a solid head on his shoulders and a brain in that head. If it’s anyone other than Mitt or Obama as president though, I am going to don my red and white maple leaf and move the heck to Canada.

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I told my parents when I was five that I was going to be the President of the United States. Since then I have done nothing but try to get there. I will succeed, and I will make America the most loved country in the world.

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