Success Is Key

December 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Every day we are forced to make decisions that could affect our lives. SometI'mes the decisions are sI'mple ones like, what will I have for lunch today? Or sometI'mes these decisions are much more meaningful and I'mportant like should i work on my English project or even bother to do it? As teenagers we don't realize how much of a difference those sI'mple choices can make to our future. Making the right decisions can determine your success or not in the future. I believe that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can always be successful.
My parents have always told me to take my tI'me to do my school work, manage my tI'me, and to never give up. For a long tI'me i never took the tI'me to think about what that really meant. But now, as I have to manage mt tI'me for school, sports and a job, I realized what it really meant. If i want to go on to college I need to give my school work all I have and sometI'mes give up my tI'me wiht my friends and boyfriend to accomplish it. I know that the decisions that I'm making about school is what's best for me and later on I'm my future I'll be glad what i choose because of how happy I'll be then.
We all know that there are some more fortunate kids out there that would have better chances of getting to better schools and then there are kids out there that aren't so fortunate and don't have as many opportunity's as the more fortunate kids. But as in the story of Freedom Writer's, it shows that everyone has the same opportunities if you put your hard work and dedication to what you want to overcome and be successful. The story tells about a classroom of high school students that come from gangs, abusive family, and even some living on their own. They all started off the same way, slacking off in class, and poor grades. But after being inspired by their teacher, realizing what they needed to get done, and the right decisions they needed to make, they all got their act together and changed their minds instantly.
For me being successful is I'mportant. You don't have to be top student in your class or have the highest great point average but if you really give it your all and try the best you can, that's being successful. In my future I would like to be a radiology technician. Getting there isn't going to be an easy process but I know that if i keep making the right decisions and try my best at everything i can possibly can. I might just get there and be successful. There is going to be tI'mes that I know aren't going to be easy but I think about how other people have had to struggle even harder and how I can get through it.

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