Look at the Positive

December 14, 2011
By Anonymous

I believe there is more positive than negative in life. Life is full of so many beautiful things. Everyday we walk by things unnoticed for their true beauty. Through entertainment, news, and most media we get such negative facts and stories. In today’s society you almost have to search for the good things in life with all the economic problems, health issues (ranging from cancer to SMA), and wars (in Afghanistan and Iraq).

Even though the negative milieu around us is getting stronger, we must know that in all the terrible things that happen in our own lives, something positive will come out of it. Perhaps it already has and we just have to open our minds and hearts and look for it. We may never come to see that good from ignorance or just from the pain that we are unwilling to let go of from the event or situation, but in the end I believe god will show us the good that we could never find.

Anyone that goes through the events of their life, big or small, can categorize them into happy or sad events. If you then look beyond what happened in relation to the sad events, you won’t be left with just other negative happenings.

Now this is generally speaking. There are some events that happen in our lives that we will never come to let go of, or forget the pain and suffering they have caused us. We may never see the good in it, but we must continue to hope and believe that the agony will end and that it was all part of the plan from the beginning.
If we step back from our positions in society and the world and look at the world around us, we would really be surprised of all the good works and happenings. Like the charities that help starving children in Africa or helping people in America get off the streets, you just have to be aware.

I believe in God and that he has a plan for each one of us. We just have to be willing enough to let go in the tough times and trust that he will pull us through those challenges and help us continue on our way.
So look around and see all the wonderful things in life. People may say, “Oh, well look at all the starving and dying throughout the world.” You just have to think look at all the lives being brought into this world, and people that have the option of going to shelters and soup kitchens. Look at all the charities being made to help those in need, the number of lives being saved from the recent developments in science in technology. It’s amazing! So many people are being cured of cancer or illness from new knowledge and developments. And those still dying of starvation, cancer, disease and other causes, well I believe they just had a different plan made for them.

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