No Matter What

December 26, 2011
We've been through a lot. We've fought more times than I can remember. I've gone to bed wondering if we'd be friends the next day more than I'm willing to count. I've watched you choose other guys over me. We both have fought, and have thrown insults at each other like a brother and sister do. The bumps we've overcome are huge, mountainous you could say. We've had problems. Hell if we were normal people we'd probably be ignoring each other to the end of time itself, but even after everything, the fights, the break-ups, the teary endings, the anger, everyday I see your face, I think nothing less of you. Even after I watched you choose him over me, I thought nothing less of you. I held you after he broke your heart, even when you broke mine too. I didn't even say, "I told you so." So the next time you ask me, "why would you want me, why after everything we've been through, the fights, the problems, the constant road bumps, would you still call me yours?" I can reply, "because I love you, no matter what."

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