Dear Abby,

December 25, 2011
By , Winslow, ME
Dear Abby,

There was time two years ago

when I took the wrong classes

and my grades slipped.

There was a time two years ago

when I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder

I’d leave class during an attack

and cry in the nurse’s office.

There was a time two years ago

when I was disqualified from States

and was told to stop crying

because my grandfather’s time was up.

There was a time two years ago

when I sorted through a grandfather’s old boxes

who never loved my father

who never cared.

There was a time two years ago

my brother dropped out of college

and signed with the army.

There was a time two years ago

when my real grandfather

had open heart surgery

and opened my heart.

There was a time last year

a very bad time

when I was told that my religion

would not allow an invitation to a party.

And yet, the other guests were just as Catholic as me...

There was a time last year

a very sad time

I lost my friends

and never felt so...


There was a time last year

an emotional time

when my brother left for Iraq

I never got to say goodbye.

There was time last year

when no one talked to me at lunch

I sat


There was a time last year

when my former friend and neighbor

went without consequence

after tangoing with my coach and teacher...

There was no goodbye for that, either.

But there was this time last year,

when I went to Girls’ State

and met one of my closest friends today.

Her name is Abby.

And today, on Christmas,

there was a time

when I typed alone in my room


because you gave me the greatest gift



Remember when

I called when my mom moved out

if you hadn’t answered

I wouldn’t know where I would have gone -

Remember when

we pushed each other in shopping carts

around the grocery store

if only we could have bought their looks

on their faces -

Remember when

we went to each other’s soccer games and plays

when we had sleepovers

with not enough sleep

and way too much food -

Remember when

we met some really nice Koreans in school on Omegel?

And that gorgeous Brazilian boy

who loved you within five minutes?

People left me

People forgot me

But you found me

You remembered me

You answered your phone

when no one else did.

You are what a friend is

and I hope you don’t ever forget me.

Thank you

for reminding me

real friends exist.


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