December 13, 2011
By Veronica Rivas BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
Veronica Rivas BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
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“Try and fail, but do not fail to try.” Within these few words lies the true meaning of inspiration. To inspire, to influence, to be given hope; inspiration holds many different definitions. Hints of inspiration go into every action and every decision ever made by a person. When a person is inspired, there is an internal spark throughout the brain urging the body to perform a specific action at the best of that individual’s ability.
The United States of America became a strong and powerful nation today because they were inspired to gain/obtain more land and spread the great American culture. Doctors and lawyers surely did not get where they are now without the inspiration from others and the inner passion they have to save lives. What inspires people to get out of bed every morning; what inspires people to be optimistic when the odds are against them; how does inspiration helps others throughout their everyday lives? I, unfortunately, do not have the answers to these questions. My inspiration is light. I want to be a light to those engulfed in darkness who can not seem to find the exit. Light allows me to reflect on my day and see what I did to help out those around me.
“Before you take the last piece, offer it to someone else.” This quote is my favorite because a lot of people are quick to snatch the last of anything and do not think twice about blessing someone else before themselves. Think about it, one kind gesture could inspire someone else to do another kind gesture; pay it forward. The success would create an everlasting domino effect of inspired kindness and the world could actually become a better place. Inspiration; what a prestigious word! A word inflicting a change or action; everyone seems to want it, yet they do not realize that they already have it.

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