December 13, 2011
By kayla22 BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
kayla22 BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
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We all know how money can take control over a persons outlook on life, and life itself. Money runs this world like a guard can run a prisoner, complete control over every action and thought. Money can make people extremely exited, or pathetically depressed. The classifications of these people can be known as; the stingy person, the budgeted one, and the wasteful one.

The stingy person. We have all come across one of them before. Lets say for example, you are completely out of gas and you are asking the people around for a spare dollar, the stingy one is going to rampage around about how they work so hard for their money, and to find your own money. Or you are paying at the counter and you are short .75 cents, the stingy one is going to compactly ignore the fact you are short changed. Never expect one of them to so much as share a dime, let alone a dollar. Also, be warned, if their your friend but are under this classification, they do not “have your back.”

Oh! The poor budgeted one. Somewhere in life they learned about organization, took the key parts of it, and put it on steroids! A budgeted person plans everything their money will be spent on, before they even have it in their possession. While shopping they will not leave the house without exact change and a written plan so they do not spend more than what’s needed. If you dare to ask a budgeted person for money, they are going to be the type to have you sign a full contracted “I owe you” with an interest rate, before lending you anything.

AHHH! Last but not least.. The wasteful one. What a lucky person, never lifted a finger in their life for money. These are the type of friends you want. If you need new clothes, accessories, food, anything in general, they are the ones to ask. Wasteful people don’t know the meaning or value of money. They are the type who will spend the extra $200 dollars on the name brand jacket, when you can not even see the brand. Wasteful people do not comprehend the slightest idea of how to budget. Its never a bad thing to have a friend who is wasteful, but do them a favor a teach them a little something about work.

Money can have all types of effects on people, some or worse and some can be easy going. Why money control us? Nobody has the answer. But everyone living in America strives to reach the biggest money making goals when most the time its not even relevant to what they would like to do in life. Just be careful when it comes to yourself and money, you don’t want to end up letting it control the way you act in life completely.

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