That Moment

December 12, 2011
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That moment. That split second of time, that you have waited for so long to happen. That moment when the butterflies come out, and your head starts spinning. That moment when you can feel your stomach in your throat, wanting to throw up, but you know you wouldn’t dare. That moment when you sit silently, heart racing, and you’re afraid he can hear it. That moment when suddenly it feels as if you and him are the only people in the world. That moment when he looks at you with his big glossy blue eyes. He gently, softly, brushes your hair out of your eyes with his muscular fingers that are so much bigger than your own. That moment when your heart jumps and you swear it just skipped a beat. That moment when you know it’s about to happen, but you still deny it. He leans slowly toward you…closer…closer. That moment when you realize his soft lips are touching yours. Then he leans away, and you can’t help but wonder what he is thinking. That moment when he leans in again, and your question is answered. That moment when you realize the moment you had been waiting for your whole life just happened, and your body tingles.
He drives you home, and you feel like a princess. That night you can’t sleep because you keep trying to re-live that moment. The next morning when you sing until your mom drops you off. You go to school, excited to see him again. That moment at school, when he ignores you, doesn’t acknowledge you. That moment when you decide to just forget about it, he may of just not saw you. That sad, depressing moment when you catch a glimpse of him socializing with your “best friend”, and you can feel your body slump. That moment when he leans against the schools brick wall, and you can see her eyes glow the way yours once had; the way they still did every time you looked at him. That moment when you still give him hope because you thought maybe you loved him. That awkward moment when you ask him if he wants to go on a date this weekend, and he says “ ight” instead of his once “ Sure babe, I can’t wait”. That moment when you softly ask him why he is acting strange and he promises nothing is wrong but you know he is lying.
That freak out moment right before he picks you up and you keep looking in the mirror, afraid you aren’t pretty enough for him. That moment when he is late to pick you up and you keep waiting to hear that doorbell ring. That moment when it never does. You can feel your eyes swell up, swearing to yourself that you won’t cry. That moment when you can’t resist it any longer and black salty streaks stream down your perfectly blushed cheeks. You rush off to bed after four hours of waiting on him, dreading the next day. That moment when you wake up, not ready to face the boy who you thought loved you too. You walk into the schools glass doors, and hear your best friend bragging about the amazing night she had while you were crying yourself to sleep. That moment when you start to believe you really weren’t good enough for him. That moment when they skip through the halls holding hands, and he brushes the hair out of her eyes the way he had once to you. That moment when the only boy you had ever loved, decided to love your best friend instead. That moment when you wish they would die a cold, torturous death right then and there.

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