December 13, 2011
By Anthony Brown BRONZE, Auburn, New York
Anthony Brown BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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Although they may not purchase much, children are potential victims of materialism. Everyday, an I-pod is purchased, a new video game is sold or a new piece of clothing is put into a child’s closet. Having all of these commodities handed to adolescents, sometimes without reason, can affect there mentality. To some, materialism has become somewhat of an escape from reality. Madedeline Levine, principal of a Missouri middle school, recalls a visit from a student.

The girl is the queen bee at school-she's beautiful, bright, and sets the trends among peers. She has just been dumped by her third boyfriend. As this child is crying hysterically, her mother wraps her arm around her and says, “Don’t worry honey, we’ll go shopping and you’ll feel better” (Levine).

Instead of the mother comforting her daughter, she heals her pain by buying her daughter anything she wants. Not only is the mother exhibiting bad parenting, but she is also showing us how children use materialism as a relief from the stress of reality. Instead of facing her problems head on, she simply averts it and thinks of the new article of clothing she just got. Situations like this show the imperfections of our society.

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