Music's Role

December 12, 2011
By Anonymous

Music. Music has been around longer then we can imagine. Music of all sorts. To the beating of sticks, hands, and rocks from cavemen, to the electrical sound studios that are around the world. Music has been the savior of one's feelings if they are hurt, crying or depressed, or if their to enhance the setting that which they are in (per say a party.) Music has also been a use when in war to raise a warrior spirits whether their confident enough to win, or to accept the fact that they are going to die. Music is everywhere in this world (unless some countries have banned it) and will out last anyone whether it will be a “kiddie song” like I am a Little Tea Pot (George Harold Sanders and Clarence Z. Kelley) that introduces the young humans to music and the more intricate music that is performed by the many of the “pop stars” or “rock stars” of our era. Music has also been the icon of a persons personalities (Example; Most “Goths” prefer Hard Rock to Scream o.) Now I say most because not all “Goths” are into that kind of music. Music has also taken a slight role in profiling. Not everyone has succumbed to the music's might of persuasion to profile, but I have. I can see a person of my generation and guess at least a type of music they listen to without even engaging conversation with them. I can tell by how they talk, or act to one another. Unfortunately music's profiling has also lead to some instances of prejudice. Some people in my school look at someone (and I'm standing at the sidelines) and say to someone else, “ No, you can't sit here, you listen to “Hip Hop.” Music was meant to keep some kind of entertainment, or help the battles give a certain shift of tide, not give a person a chance to create profiling or prejudice.

The author's comments:
I used to be a "profiler" not anymore.

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