December 12, 2011
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I have to ask a quick question before we start. Does anybody remember what the first computer looked like? And no, you can not pull out your iPhone 4 or Blackberry to look a picture of one up. No hands? Okay that’s what I thought.

I hate to say it but technology has affected all of our population over the course of the last 10 years. It started with the original brick cell phone where you had to constantly look up a person’s number. Now, in less than 10 seconds you can be on the phone with your best friend talking about the new iPhone or iPod that is coming out. Yes, I’ll admit it, I am a victim of technology. I mean honestly, this actual paper (literally speaking) was composed through technology.

Let’s think back here. If our nation was never exposed to technology would we be okay? The answer is YES! If you think about it, technology is a privilege for our generation. Yes, we could survive without it, and no the world would not blow up if you couldn’t tweet about the new laptop you got. If we go back to the 1950’s, technology was not nearly as prevalent as it is now. I mean their most prized possession of technology was their color T.V. This is what is causing a huge controversy in our nation right now. Is technology literally taking over our world?

The answer to this question could go either way. People might say that yes, it is causing people to become more obese, anti-social, and in severe cases, even death. A way that technology is deadly is texting while driving. It is by far one of the most dangerous things a person could be doing on the road. You are not putting only your own life at risk, but you could also be endangering that 3 year old girl on her way to buy her teddy bear. But because you got into an accident with that car, she may never see her favorite childhood possession. Yes, in that scenario we are looking at the glass being half empty. But let’s flip it and look at the glass half full.

Yes, texting while driving is stupid, dangerous, and illegal. Though, there are ways to still communicate while being safe. For example, there are apps for your phone (even certain cars) that when you receive a text message, it will read it aloud to you. This new phenomena is called Siri. This is a very unique feature of the iPhone 4s. It is essentially a female robot that talks to you and can complete most of the tasks you ask it to complete. Tasks range from “Read me that text message” to “Where can I dump a body” showing a map of the nearest swamps or construction sites. This leads back to the original question, so how has technology impacted our society.

Ten years ago, we were taking baby steps with technology and now we are running marathons. The recent death of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, put a damper on technology. Does that mean Apple is going to stop? Not even close. They even released a statement saying that they plan on dedicating their newest Apple product to Steve Jobs. So there you go, I have given you all the information you need. Now you can make the decision, how has technology impacted our society?

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