December 21, 2011
Simple. The things in life that make us the happiest. They are not the things that cost the most. Nor the ones that we spend years trying to achieve. They are not the things that we become jealous of when others have them and we do not. The simple things in life, those things which everyone feels, sees, and experiences, yet nobody could ever fully comprehend. They are simply perfect.
Summer. The freeing of childhood ambitions into every soul. Cold wooden desks are replaced by pools of water, perfume by the scent of sunscreen, and text book become page turning novels. Suddenly it doesn’t matter what your hair looks like or how many times you showered that week. It seems that the days run together forming an endless bliss. There is absolutely no desire to think hard or think about thinking hard. Worrying is obsolete and you feel as if nothing can go wrong. Even though it always ends, nobody cares, because during summer everything is perfect. Summer is simply perfect.
A smile. The expression of joy, love, appreciation, and emotions far beyond. Smiles change lives, many lives. There is something about a smile that is contagious. It is almost as if whenever somebody is so kind as to smile at you, a little army of smile men is released into the air and they run to the ends of your mouth and push and shove and do whatever they must to make sure you smile too. It’s a universal symbol. A language barrier breaker. Smiles unite each of us, to each other, and, oddly enough, they connect us deeply to ourselves. Smiles are simply perfect.
A listening ear. The essential pathway between two spirits. It’s funny how you could talk out loud to nobody for hours and never feel the fulfillment that comes from somebody listening to you for a few minutes. We need each other. We don’t need to be heard all of the time, but we do need to be heard. It’s a sort of self check, talking to someone. Sometimes when we think about something in our heads, it sounds good, bad, or indifferent. But, when we talk to someone about it, a whole new dimension is constructed, allowing our thoughts and feelings to become wonderfully terrific or terribly disappointing. We don’t need them to talk back, just listen. A listening ear is simply perfect.
Sleep. The most healthy, relaxing, and amazing part of our lives. We may not recollect what happens during this time of reboosting, but our bodies are never shy to thank us for it when we awake. It’s like a little gift every day. And the best part is, we don’t have to do much to earn it. When we wake up and are able to stretch our hands towards the sky, stand, and begin our day, our body is saying thank you. When we give our complex and compact little bodies sleep they give us back the ability to do anything in the world. Sleep is simply perfect.

As technology invades our lives, it becomes so easy to fall into the line of thought that the more complex something can be, the more potential it has to make us happy. We must remember, though, the times when we were truly happy. Not the ‘I’m happy because I got a new toy for Christmas that three weeks later I have already lost’ kind of happy. We must recognize those moments in life when we are able to be happy without having to think about being happy. Those moments which perplex us, which help us to grow, which make us feel the most like ourselves. Those few special moments when we can just float in harmony with the rest of the world. These moments may not be as few and far between as one might think. They just take a little time to unveil. They are small, but certainly not insignificant, temporary, but certainly not unmemorable. The moments that make us happy. That make us us. They are simple. They are simply perfect.

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