Love and Understanding

December 6, 2011
By Melissa Gallagher BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
Melissa Gallagher BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
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“’Tis Better to Give, Than to Receive”. I agree with this quote because if everyone were to give a little more and receive a little less, the world would be a better place. Society generally wants to get things, a new car, shirt, or coat. If for every time someone wanted to get something, they gave something, there would be less poverty and hunger throughout the world. People are so focused on what they want to get, they lose sight of the benefits of giving. Giving make the giver feel proud and the person receiving feel thankful and joyous. I think that the world needs to give more understanding and receive more love.

If I could give the world any gift, it would have to be the gift of love. I would give the world love because I truly believe that if people felt loved there would be less violence and hatred in the world. When people feel loved, they feel important and as though they have a purpose in the world. People often act out in violence when they need attention; they want to be heard and feel as though they matter. Also, when people are loved or are in love, they sometimes morph into a better person. For example, someone who is depressed, lonely and ignored can morph into someone who is exciting, happy and adventurous. Love is a magical feeling; it can solve many problems and create a very happy place for all the people of the world to live in.

Love is like the ultimate medicine because it has the power to heal all wounds of the heart. Yet, a doctor cannot just prescribe “love” to a patient. It is not something that can be put in a jar and taken twice a day as needed. In order to be loved you must give love. So if people need to give love to be loved, this world would be a better place because of all of the love circling around society. If everyone in the world felt loved and loved others, we would not be labeled, bullied, ignored or tortured. If everyone showed love, people of all different races, sizes, shapes and color would be able to gather peacefully and feel equal to one and other.

There is one thing that I would like to receive from the world- understanding. If people try to understand and relate to each other, people wouldn’t feel like outsiders or like they are the only people to go through a particular situation. When people understand and connect to each other, everyone feels as though they are normal and that people “get” them. To feel as though you are understood is like a security blanket. Understanding also helps people unite as one. Understanding one and other helps to form friendships and alliances to make each and every day more pleasant. If everyone made a bigger attempt to understand each other, we would be a part of a more united world.

Love and understanding are crucial components to a peaceful and united world. Love is a feeling that cannot be replicated, there is no other way to get the affects of love and yet it is so important. People need to show love to each other so that others feel important in this world because after all, we all make up this world, everyone single person matters. People need to understand each other so that everyone feels normal and included. When people feel misunderstood, they feel like they don’t belong which might cause them to make bad decisions that can affect many people negatively. To make the world a better place, everyone has to feel as though they have a place in this enormous world and intricate society. This world needs love and understanding so that people can live their lives in a place they feel accepted for who they are, by everybody.

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